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Lumières animales

Lumières animales


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Lumières animales

de Carole Thibaud & Muon

Muon’s poetic-scientific lexicon inspired by nine photographs taken by Carole Thibaud at the Roscoff biological station.

In the darkroom of the Roscoff Biological Station, Carole Thibaud photographed marine fauna and microfauna. His gaze plays with the light and the transparencies of these organisms, invites us to contemplate the tiny, the shapeless and the turpid, to forget the proportions and to imagine chimeras.

Around these silver photographs in black and white, Muon develops a poetic-scientific lexicon. Morphogenesis, exaptation or even epochè, spagyria; his texts invite us to explore the margins where epistemology and aesthetics intertwine.


The writers

Carole Thibaud is cinema artist. Regularly frequenting artisanal film laboratories, she explores the infinite field of possibilities offered by photochemical support.

Muon is an interdisciplinary researcher.

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