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Norman Ledeuil – A Journey

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Norman Ledeuil – A Journey


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Vinyl record (LP) / Released: May 02, 2017 / Length: 43’32 ”

Available in digital version on Bandcamp


A Journey is a project of compositions and sound experiments guided by a physical and physiological approach to sound. A pronounced taste for ethereal atmospheres, oscillating tensions, melodic lines of light, served by meticulous work on the different aspects of the production.

It is also a story, that of a man who made the choice to free himself from his condition and the ensuing journey of fear, encounters and doubts. By focusing on his feelings. A dark, agonizing journey, tinged with luminous moments as if from a post-apocalyptic universe.


Norman Ledeuil

Bassist, from the rock / pop scene, Norman Ledeuil has worked with Pierre Mottron, Mark Palmer, Gérald Moisan, La Mécanique des Sourds and many others …

A Journey is his second solo project and the first to be edited.

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