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Mathias Delplanque – Encore

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Mathias Delplanque – Encore


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Record vinyl (LP) / 05/05/2023 / Duration : 36’42”

Listen & digital version on Bandcamp.


Encore is a collage of personal sound archives. But it is not a simple collection of documents. This album is not a diary, nor a photo album, neither a simple catalog of memories. The composition of these five pieces, spread over seven years, allowed me to question my relations to the sound archives, their place in my life and in my work, and the form I should grant to such a composition venture.

Basically, this record is introspective, of course. But it results of numerous exchanges with many people during several years. Its existence is due mainly to Willy Durand and Armelle Pain (WARM), who initially ordered me an album with « something different of my usual work ». We had an ongoing dialogue along the different steps of production, including the musical composition as far as the layout and the mastering (in which the intervention of Norscq was crucial).

Originally, we wanted to produce an album with pieces I had written to accompany performances of contemporary dance. Most of them had been played only live, and did not appear on physical mediums. I did not want make a simple addition of « musics of shows ». Instead, I had to use these archives (recordings of shows or rehearsals) to make an original work, far from the documentary process.

I established a few rules : work only from these archives, record no new sound, never transform the source material. Pretty soon, I had the desire to draw in my previous recordings, especially in a selection of personal and familial recordings.

In this permanent exchange with archives, I tried to find out different moments from my life in the last decade : creations, collaborations, encounters, public and private events, etc. All these materials finally meddled in a kind of daydream full of memories… Encore is consequently a work full of ghosts, of vocal messages to invisibles beings. That’s why the human voice plays an important part. –


Mathias Delplanque

Mathias Delplanque is an electronic music composer, a producer, a performer, an improviser, a sound installation designer, and also a composer for contemporary dance and theatre… Some of his projects are solos (Mathias Delplanque, Lena, Bidlo) but he is also a member of various musical ensembles (Keda, L’Ombre de la Bête, PLY, The Floating Roots Orchestra). He released more than thirty records on various international labels and he regularly performs on stage, solo or accompanied by other musicians… –

WARM a édité les 3 premiers albums de PLY (Mathias Delplanque & Guillaume Ollendorff) : Sans cesse (LP-2016), Rends-toi (LP-2017) et Cluzel(CD-2017).

Mathias Delplanque - Encore

Side A

1. Tu viens ? (10’13’’)

Sounds from Le Pavillon témoin, a performance by Mathias Delplanque (2014). During this performance, Mathias Delplanque mixed in real time and in the audience some sounds collected and recorded by Christophe Havard in some others places of the building (an old concert hall named « L’Olympic » in Nantes).
Voice : Colyne Morange et Black Sifichi (texts from La Maison des Feuilles by Mark Z. Danielewski) ; Cello : Soizic Lebrat ; Sound recording : Christophe Havard ; Mix : Mathias Delplanque.

2. (…) (1’41’’)

Mix of various recordings from Le Détecteur de mouvement, a performance by Mathias Delplanque (Nantes, 2014).

3. Quoi ? (5’10’’)

Mix of various sounds from the performance Le Pavillon témoin (2007), Aspics (2015) by Mathias Delplanque, and various recordings from a sound creation workshop (Baie du Mont Saint-Michel, 2014).

Side B

1. Alain ! (10’19’’)

Mix of various sounds recorded in Malakoff, a district of Nantes, during the containment of spring 2020, recordings from rehearsals of Feux (a show of the Allogène collective in 2020, and recordings of the funeral of Alain Delplanque in Gora (Dagara's country, Burkina Faso) on 20 April 2021.
With the voices of Roger Somé and Samson Poda.

2. Oh Albino ! (9’17’’)

Mix of various recordings from Kromos (Vlam Productions) and Un solo à transmettre (Lucane Company), two sound creations for live perfpormance. This last track include a fragment of Waves by Patti Smith.


Encore was recorded by Mathias Delplanque between 2014 and 2021. Encore is enterely released with sounds archives.


Mastering : Norscq

Photographies : Willy Durand (www.rosesetpoireau.fr)


Many thanks to Willy and Armelle (WARM), Norscq, Guillaume Ollendorff, and Zélie Houlet.



"From the ever-prolific Mathias Delplanque comes another release, which is good news. Much of his work disappears because it is performed once or a few times as part of contemporary dance pieces. The original idea was to do a record with some of these pieces, but it was decided to do a more personal work based on material from his archives, personal sounds. It's a pity that the inlay has information about the five compositions, but it's all in French, so I only half understand what it is about. 'Tu Viens' may be a piece from a dance production. Captured voices are important in these pieces; they are captured outside on the streets, inside the house, or at a funeral ceremony. When rhythm plays a role in his music, as heard before, this is not the case here. Delplanque's music uses many electronics but also layers of string instruments, violins, cellos and such. In combination with field recordings and voices, Delplanque creates a rich tapestry of sound. The result isn't drone-based. Instead, Delplanque has an open sound, gently using strummed violins, sustaining synth notes and adding texture while the music remains melodic. In a sort of shadowy way, the music is never too abstract, not too melodic, but a damn clever combination of both. Certainly, there is a strong cinematic approach, as each of these five pieces tells a story. Think musique concrète meeting radio play, cinema for the ears. I have no favourites, but 'Alain!' is the strongest. Here he includes recordings from the funeral ceremony of Alain Delplanque (whom I assume is his father or brother), starting with a few loose stringed sounds but gradually building up with more strings, drones and a voice, which I assume is a priest or someone reading a eulogy. I don't understand what is said, which adds to the mysterious character of the piece. An excellent piece on a great record". (FdW)

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