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Lisandro Alonso, habiter la nature, rêver le cinéma

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Lisandro Alonso, habiter la nature, rêver le cinéma


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Lisandro Alonso
habiter la nature, rêver le cinéma
d’Adrien-Gabriel Bouché

Foreword by Nicolas Azalbert.

Lisandro Alonso is one of the most unique Argentine filmmakers of his generation. A figure in New Argentinian cinema in the early 2000s, he is the author of five feature films, La Libertad (2001), Los Muertos (2004), Fantasma (2006), Liverpool (2008) and Jauja (2014) .

One of the strengths of his cinema lies in its great formal, philosophical and poetic coherence. Each film responds to the previous one and announces the next, with much the same narrative scheme (a man alone facing the elements and a space he walks through) and the same use of long shots that place an important place on the rhythms of nature.

In this essay, Adrien-Gabriel Bouché updates the dynamic dialogue between existential reflection (inhabiting the world) and formal issues (dreaming the cinema) at work in Alonso’s cinema, and proposes to read it as an invitation to reverie and to a form of original wonder in front of the image. ,

Adrien-Gabriel Bouché is a researcher in film studies and teaches at Rennes 2 University. His research focuses on reverie in contemporary cinema, whether fictional or documentary.

Nicolas Azalbert est cinéaste, critique de cinéma et spécialiste des cinémas d’Amérique latine. He is the author with Eduardo Carrera of L’Argentine, malgré tout (WARM, « Photo-Graphie », 2017).

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