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Klaus Legal – PozorBed

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Klaus Legal – PozorBed


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Vinyle blanc 45t, Labels noir & blanc, inséré dans une pochette comprenant 4 faces + 2 cartes postales (15×15 cm) + code de téléchargement pour les versions numériques / Copies numérotées.

Version numérique sur Bandcamp

Klaus Legal, is the coffee-addict migratory bird of the French experimental scene. Tirelessly, he strides across the roads of the entire world to spread his stream of electric energy, nourishing himself from his itinerant experiences to enrich his music with new influences. Among his most recent publications you may have to look towards electro-acoustic and post-industrial music, the two older pieces documented here splatter the slopes of both the early years of the industrial music and post-punk, wisely playing bit by bit with the clichés of both genres. Combining them with 90's electro-like beats, texts surfing on the wave of nightmarish lamentations and gaga vociferation in a copiously noisy and spasmodic electronic maelstrom. "The meal is composed of two Public Enemy meets Suicide like songs on a dadaist mood." (sic). Also purveyor of electronic or instrumental sonorities in various projects such as La Race, Judas Donneger, Dalida, and in the past, Death To Pigs. Pavel's discography stretches on a large fistful of labels, to name just a few, Gaffer Records, 213 Records, Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu?, and many more...

Klaus Legal - PozorBed

Face A : Warmed (1:40)

Face B : PozorPoupoup (3:21)

Enregistré et mixé par MIM à Empire Digital à Schaerbeek (Belgique) de 2014 à 2015.

Crédits :

Klaus Legal : synthesizers, drum machine & voice.

Remerciements : MIM et L'Amour Aux Mille Parfums, Guillaume, et mes cauchemars....

Artwork : Gosia Bartosik

Mastering : Rashad Becker - Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

Édité par Le Petit Mignon, LPM15. 2018. 45t.
Distribué par Staalplaat –

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