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PLY – Sans cesse (LP)

PLY – Sans cesse (LP)


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Vinyl record (LP – 33R) / Lenght: 30’44 ”

Available in digital version on Bandcamp


Ply is a duo formed by Mathias Delplanque and Guillaume Ollendorff.

They had heard about each other long before they met, as early as 2001 when Lena’s first album (Mathias’ project) and Tsé’s (Guillaume’s project) were released. Journalists who were interested in it compared the two records, which are indeed very close. Their real meeting, however, only took place in 2011 in Berlin. They immediately started making music, and liked the result so much that they continued …

«Our music has always been created by sedimentations of improvisations and a search for harmony, even eroticism, between sound mass, voice and textual material. We are aware that we sound “experimental” to a lot of ears, but at the end of the day we see our work more as French song.»

Their debut album, Sans Cesse, features a recording session with drummer Pierre Bouglé as well as various guitar montages recorded by Mathias and quietly edited over the past three years. Lyrics are by Guillaume with various borrowings, among others from Mary Stuart.


Mathias Delplanque

Mathias Delplanque is an electronic music composer and improviser. He has released more than thirty records under various pseudonyms (Lena, Bidlo, The Floating Roots Orchestra …) and he regularly shares the stage with artists from various musical backgrounds (E’Joung-Ju, Black Sifichi , Philippe Foch, Rob Mazurek …).

Guillaume Ollendorff

In addition to his various editorial activities, Guillaume Ollendorff has produced two albums under the name Tsé and played in various groups such as Colder, Mainstream Ensemble, Scratoa. He is also an intermittent guitarist for the Hyperion Ensemble, the orchestra of “spectral” music composers Ana-Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu.

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