Quartz Locked - Wave 91,6

Category: Music Date: dimanche, février 21, 2016 Hit: 1145

First release of the label WARM, Quartz Locked-Wave 91,6 will be available in the records shops and on-line on April 08th, 2016. Recorded in Nantes between june and december 2016. The first 250 copies are published with a flexi record (45t) : Quartz Locked vs Köhn - Opinions are like assholes, the internet is full of them.

Wave 91,6 is based and inspired by a small part of the sound archives accumulated for 10 years within the framework of an original radio experience : Radio Mulot. The 44 minutes of Wave 91,6 draw from this universe to restore it some moments which are, besides, so many moments of "true" life.

Wave 91,6 begins with an announcement (in french) which is also the statement of the program to come : « Dear listeners, hello. This is an experimental program. We proceed at present to tests. We thus cannot broadcast the contents of our programs. » This announcement can remind that of TAGC on Research recording – record 2 – Teste Tones : « This is a test. This is only a test. » The universe of Quartz Locked is very different but his approach of sound and research probably not...


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