Juan Pablo Espinoza / Hervé Moire - Cette île Mon corps

Category: Music Date: dimanche, mars 6, 2016 Hit: 1136

The second release for the label WARM, Cette île Mon corps of Juan Pablo Espinoza and Hervé Moire will be available in the records shops and on-line in the middle of May 2016. The band will occur on Sunday, May 29th in Laval (France) at the Festival des 3 Élephants.

Cette île Mon corps consists of two musical tracks, Vacío and Réminiscence. They were conceived at first for two concerts in Nantes in 2014 and 2015. They were worked again and recorded, in particular during residences, to be presented on vinyl record on the label WARM.

These two musical works are inspired by the urban sound environment (field recordings). They were then transformed and ordered with different acoustic, electronic or electric other sound sources. This record is like a movie without images, "cinema for ears".


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