Le Trianon, un cinéma associatif en Mayenne

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MusicArmelle Pain
TitleLe Trianon, un cinéma associatif en Mayenne
GenreDocument. Monographie.

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Gerard Malanga and Julien Mérieau are linked by a 15 years' friendship. For this book, Gerard Malanga has chosen 4 photographs by Julien Mérieau and written a text about his friend's work. ------ Gerard Malanga is a new yorker poet, photographer and artist, having collaborated with Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground in the 1960's. Julien Mérieau is a photographer, writer and musician from Nantes. As Quartz Locked, he releases the album...

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Writer, photographer and musician, Julien Mérieau built since the beginning of the 80s an indissociable multifaceted Art work of his way of being to the world, a sensibility obsessed by the idea to let escape the slightest moment and the slightest movement, to not be there. This is the reason why the music and the sound universe of the record Wave 91,6, the texts and the photos of the book Julien Mérieau, astonish me ¦ Étonnez-moi ! can be put...

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